Monday, February 20, 2017

Everything You Must Know About

Becoming A BioSafeDentist!

BioSafeDentistry® is a patient and practice management system with many advantages compared to traditional dental practices.  Using our services and coaching group makes becoming a BioSafeDentistry practice easy and profitable.

Why should you use our services?

1. Patients today are seeking safer, “greener”, and more natural methods of dental care to protect their overall health. They are willing to travel distances to find a BioSafeDentistry practice. ( BioSafeDentistry E-mail Inquires) Their overall health is more important than simple dental treatment or insurance coverage.  Our office participates with no insurance companies.) Health conscious patients are anxious to complete safe treatment of their teeth, to insure a healthy mouth,  regardless of time or expense.  We will teach you how to attract these quality patients by using marketing and communication techniques in your office and outside your office.

2.    Treatment under BioSafeDentistry methods yields treatment outcomes far superior to conventional dentistry. Patients are healthier overall, and report feeling better and happier with this type of dental care.  The actual dental treatment, techniques and materials we recommend, last longer with less tooth damage than conventional treatment and no toxic or chemical exposures over time.  We explain the scientific basis to you and review the biocompatible procedures, operative techniques and materials we use to treat patients safely.

3.    Treatment is performed with little or no exposure to potentially toxic substances. Patients have done their research and know what materials they do not want.  You are taught how to effectively communicate with and motivate patients from the initial time they call, through treatment completion and into recall.

4.    Patients accept our protocols for protecting their health from exposure to toxic and harmful materials used in dental practices.  What we use for protection depends upon several factors depending upon the overall health and dental needs of the individual we are treating. These protective procedures and supportive treatment are discussed in detail.  They are billable services that also increase office productivity.

5. You and your office staff are taught how to educate and thereby motivate patients to accept and complete the treatment plan presented by the doctor. These are usually large cosmetic and rehabilitation cases because conventional dentistry uses materials that damage teeth and expose the patient to harmful materials.  Our acceptance rate of patient treatment plans presented is almost 100%.

6. Our practice income increased 30% the first year we applied the BioSafeDentistry practice management system principles.  I now receive almost half of all new patients via referrals from other patients in my practice.  Being listed on the website refers the other large number of new patients.  We have increased production despite the economic downturn in the country.

Our team can help transition your practice into a safe, BioSafeDentistry practice.

We offer education and practice management consulting, and a coaching and marketing program on an ongoing basis.  Through the coaching program, over time, the participating office is brought up to speed as the empty schedule is filled and the practice production increases.

The many new emails and calls I receive each week from all over the US and Canada asking for the names of dentists in their areas who practice BioSafeDentistry principles, confirms the need for more BioSafe Dental practices and dentists.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a BioSafeDentistry practice, please visit the BioSafe Dentist contact form.

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If you have any questions, you may also call us Toll Free at 1- 888-363-8188 and ask for Nina.